Integrity, Respect and Responsibility

We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust. We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness. We are responsible to fulfill our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability inherent in those commitments.

The White Paladin Group is a Kansas City based company founded in 1998 by Anthony Pontier, former IT Executive at EDS and Hoechst Marion Roussel (now Sanofi Aventis). Frustrated by the typical corporate overhead and red-tape, Tony made it his personal mission to remove these obstacles. We are an IT professional services company with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Business results through effective use of information technology is our focus – from telecommunications, systems and applications to operational processes and approaches. The White Paladin Group is uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive consulting and staffing throughout your business.

What is a "Paladin"...?
A paladin is the prototypical “knight in shining armor,” a hero of sterling character and courage. The original paladins of legend appeared as the heroes of the chivalry, which told of the legendary court of King Charlemagne. Legends originally tell of twelve paladins attached to Charlemagne’s court.